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Dorchester County Sika deer hunting and Kent County deer hunting on the Maryland Eastern Shore with Winter Farms Hunting guide David Price.

Maryland Sitka Deer Hunting

Winter Farms Hunting is a Whitetail and Sika deer hunting guide service on the Maryland Eastern Shore. Our farms are located in Dorchester. and Kent County Maryland. Some of the larger deer we shoot come from these two Maryland countys.

We offer bow hunting, muzzleloader, shotgun, and rifle hunting. And whether you are looking for trophy bucks or just looking to put food on table we offer the general opportunity to harvest a deer of your choice.

The Sika deer were imported from Japan many years ago and now we have large numbers in the Dorchester area. They are a small elk and the finest tasting deer meat in the deer family. The bucks will get as large as six points and stand about two or three foot tall. Sika move very early and very late in the day while whitetail bucks move around ten am to two pm.

We only take a limited amount of hunters in order to give you the best hunt possible and the best possible chance to take a deer. We will give you the day's plan and all hunting information in the morning the day of the hunt. We will meet you at your hotel.

After our morning meeting we will take you to a deer stand located in a tree or ground blind. Our stands are near feeding grounds or bedding areas. We will stay close by to help with removal of your deer.

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Hunting Licenses
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